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Online shops offers:1 product for 17.95 GBPFragrance 5 items for 24.69 - 66.29 USDFragrance EUR 6 items for 29.33 - 65.62 EURFragrance 5 items for 34.19 - 76.49 USDStrawberry EUR 1 product for 73.00 EURView products...Lauren is one of the first two perfumes by Ralph Lauren and his first perfume for women.Everyone I knew wore the original Lauren in the mid 80s and it's forever embedded in my memory.

I think it's always been a sleeper of a fragrance, it seemed that it had more of a cult following. I learned it cannot be done after years of searching for a replacement.

It has vetiver in it which keeps it in the green theme, green-herbal and green soap. It's not a powerful flower but it is still floral and feminine. This is good for Church on Sundays, for going to work on weekdays and really, any occasion will do. Beautiful lush smells to give pleasure to your senses. Unfortunately, carnation is a nasal nemesis of mine.

One last thing I would say about it is that it's mature and sophisticated and more appropriate for ladies 30 40 50 60 and so forth. I cannot stomach Calvin Klein Eternity and most other carnation heavy fragrances.

And please if anyone can suggest a fragrance that you think can serve as a similar replacement, please pm me.

Lauren (vintage) is the scent that started the fruity floral genre and yet its nothing like the fruity florals of today.

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