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More has to be offered than just a big name and face to get attention.

There were so many more posters I liked but the cream of the crop is represented below, as well as is the cream of the crap.

Keach, a former actor turned director/producer, who is known for his close relationship with Johnny Cash, directs this tale about a blind Everyman looking for love.

Danny (the charismatic Chris Pine, SMOKIN' ACES) has been blind since birth, and has had trouble with women because of his overprotective family.

Apparently, Kate Hudson now not only stars in bad movies, but bad posters as well.

Her almost equally awful Fool's Gold poster just missed the list.

While many (including myself) have been overheard complaining 2008 was a lackluster year for films, it was an incredible one for movie posters.

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Less a poster and more an ad for how to abuse Photoshop.American romantic comedy directed by James Keach and starring Chris Pine, Eddie Kay Thomas and Anjali Jay.When Danny (Pine)'s brother Larry (Kay Thomas) finds out that his blind sibling is still a virgin, he sets out to find him a woman, but to no avail.Homicidal maniac David Frost sets his sights on future Presidential candidate Bob Dole in this taut, psychological horror/thriller from 1985. I wasn't sure whether this belonged in the "best" or "worst" so I just put it here.If they were looking to recapture the time period during which the events of the film took place (even if they're a decade late) then this might be the most brilliant poster of the year. Hopefully this will be the DVD cover art, or better yet, just release it on VHS!

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