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We moved in the hall which was small having capacity of about 150 with a balcony where only few heads visible. I looked around, males were kissing their ladies and some were ever holding breast.Two person came towards us, one thin who sat beside me and other good features sat beside thin man. I told son(Amit) that I am not liking it here, we should go to other place. Then there was an announcement " now movie will start, name is "freedom" and now the gate of theatre will open only after film ends, in between no one is allowed to go out.

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Then I felt two hands one each on both my thighs moving towards cunt area I immediately responded and removed there hand.I obeyed and Mr X said your cunt is still very firm and he pushed one finger inside.Son took my hand and placed it on his nude and fully erect lund.I moved my hands faster on both lunds and hips also moving up and down.I was really enjoying but Mr X couldn't stand and he discharged his cum in my hand. Mr x and his friend got up and went to toilet ( afterwards I came to know that it was common).

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