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(It was also a smart marketing stunt, though Green could not have predicted how smart.) Hank had reservations about becoming the repository for John’s excess energy. Hypochondriacal.” At the same time, he said, “John, for me, has always been the baseline of what was cool and valuable and important.

He told me, “I found John exciting and smart and interesting but also a little dramatic. If he liked a band, I’d buy all of their CDs and memorize them and become a bigger fan than he ever was.”In 2006, You Tube was entering its second year, and people were starting to post video diaries, which, in their more theatrical moments, looked like performance art staged in somebody’s basement.

He got more writing done, but he missed the intellectual camaraderie that he’d always had with his peers.

The You Tube project was, in part, an attempt to fill that void.

How do we wrest meaning from the unexpected death of someone close to us?

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Green told me, “I love the intensity teen-agers bring not just to first love but also to the first time you’re grappling with grief, at least as a sovereign being—the first time you’re taking on why people suffer and whether there’s meaning in life, and whether meaning is constructed or derived.Still, he remained deeply interested in spiritual matters, with one exception: “Is there a God?” struck him as “one of the least interesting questions.”After “Alaska” won the prize, Green quit his day job.The brothers had signature preoccupations, which they discussed with excitable urgency, talking into the camera at tremendous speed.John discussed books, existential anxiety, and pizza; Hank was into science, math, and corn dogs.

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