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358 feet (109.12meters)QUESTION NO: 13An administrator installs a device that can detect and throttle peer-to-peer traffic. Which of the followingsteps should be done FIRST to diagnose the problem? Which of the following shouldthe technician do FIRST? Ask the user what operation was performed, what the expected result was, and what the actualresult was. Scan a list of open ports on the mail hub to scan for excessive traffic and escalate to networkadministrator if needed. Attempt to send a test email message to a known account at a remote facility and scan logs tosee if it is sent. Determine which mail hub the user was connected to and perform a graceful restart. Loopback QUESTION NO: 33A user calls network support and reports that email is not working. Which of thefollowing could be used to accomplish this connection? Which of the following command line tools is MOST appropriate to use? 10GBase-SWQUESTION NO: 19An administrator is troubleshooting network connectivity and would like to view the path thatpackets are taking from workstation A to server 1. Passive fingerprinting QUESTION NO: 27A company needs to perform stateful packet filtering on the core network.

QUESTION NO: 34Which of the following can be used to set options such as TFTP server addresses, DNS searchlists, and broadcast addresses on network clients and workstations?

Which of the following should beconfigured on the client's computers to reduce network traffic?

Internet multihoming with all ISPs in same BGP area QUESTION NO: 52A network with twenty clients needs to view a video file.

QUESTION NO: 4An administrator has a networking closet on the first floor of a building with all of the network andcommunication equipment. Thefirst client sends data out of its RJ-45 on pins 1 and 2.

Router QUESTION NO: 6Two clients are directly connected via RJ-45 and CAT5e cables and communicating with IP.

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