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These people must wait in purgatory until they are cleansed of their sins by the prayers of the faithful on Earth.

Day of the Dead is an occasion to offer those prayers.

Many Mexicans also trace their celebrations back to ancient Mesoamerican cultures.

The Aztec, in particular, would celebrate their dead for the entire month of August.

2, and coincides with the Catholic holy days of All Saints (Nov. Families often come together over this period and preparations can be made during the entire year leading up to the Day of the Dead.

Day of the Dead is actually divided into two distinct holidays, the first being Dide los Inocentes, which is dedicated to children on Nov. The holiday blends with celebrations across several nations and cultures and draws upon traditions found in other cultures, however the holiday is largely a Mexican development.

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Parents of deceased children commonly leave offerings of toys on the Day of the Innocents.

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Both days taken together are collectively referred to as the Day of the Dead, and celebrations can begin as early as Halloween (Oct. In recent years, the tradition has spread into North America, particularly into communities with large Mexican and Latin American populations.

Instead, people visit and repair graves of their dearly departed.

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