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When Jesus cured blindness or healed Lazarus, the people being healed were given the appearance that they had lived lives free of their ailments, when in fact they had not.

Whitcomb cites these stories in the New Testament as examples in addition to the creation story in Genesis of an apparent but counterfactual history in the Bible.

Whitcomb takes issue with Gosse, however, because he believes that God did not create an appearance of age where it was not absolutely necessary, such as with Adam's navel (Whitcomb 19-43). Wise echoes Whitcomb's sentiments about Christ's miracles being further evidence of appearance of age in his book Faith, Form and Time.

Wise furthermore argues that "if God's purpose in creating something is fulfilled by creating it with an appearance of He will do it" (Wise 20-60).

Its usefulness to creationists is that, in their minds, it deals with all challenges to a young earth model of creation simultaneously.

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One interesting theological argument, however, is unconcerned with dating methods.Also, there are fossil zones in the layers of rock that suggest millions of years of successive origination and extinction of species.To a creationist this can all be explained by simply stating that God created the earth a few thousand years ago with the geological and fossil record fully intact.The Garden of Eden poses other problems with the young earth model that appearance of age supposedly explains.If God created plants and animals within the same six day period as He created Adam and Eve, then He must have created the plants and animals in a fully grown state so that they could serve as a food source.

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