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He and his colleagues targeted counties they say have bloated rolls, demanding more aggressive voter roll purging.After Adams and his colleagues at the ACRU filed at least nine suits calling for more aggressive purges, some — mostly in smaller counties in Texas and Mississippi — have been settled with consent decrees, in which counties agree to purge their rolls more frequently.PILF supposedly had uncovered an "astonishing" example of fraud in Virginia: Maureen Erickson, with an address in Guatemala, was registered in Prince William County. Erickson voted in 14 different elections — most recently in 2008 — before her registration was cancelled," PILF wrote in a report. "I thought my identity was stolen," she said from Antigua, where she works with families and children.Adams and his fellow PILF lawyers alleged that thousands of non-citizens were registered and voting in the state, "cancelling out the valid votes of American citizens." The Washington Times picked up the story, describing Erickson as a fraudulent voter in an article published May 30. The cancelled registration was an outdated record from a previous home, she said; she has been legally voting in another county for years.Reports PILF issued online included names, addresses and sometimes even complete Social Security numbers (which were later partially redacted) alongside the "felonies upon felonies" these people may have committed.Adams has been working on the election system for years. Christian Adams claims there's an "alien invasion" at the voting booth.

Voting rights advocates fear that counties carrying out aggressive purges under legal duress will push officials to purge eligible voters.

When NBC News reached seven of the voters mentioned in the report, six said they were citizens.

One removed voter said he is a green-card holder, not a legal voter; his registration was cancelled after 13 months on the rolls.

But Virginia's election commissioner — and the voters themselves — dispute the findings.

In Virginia, after a voter has been noted as a possible noncitizen (which occurs either because a voter tells the Department of Motor Vehicles they're a noncitizen, or someone makes an error), election officials send the voter a letter asking the voter to confirm his or her citizenship.

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