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But underneath that brash exterior is a thoughtful consideration of a career that’s seen its share of controversy and missteps.(After you’re done, be sure to catch up with the Martin Casella two-parter.) “Suprisingly Awesome” has been able to mine the mundane for an unexpected amount of drama.But the most curious case that Sam Stein and Jason Cherkis covered this year was that of Ben Konop, whose public booing came to symbolize the death knell of his 2009 bid for Toledo mayor.Konop’s retelling of the story is a window into the recent past, when viral videos were still an early sensation.

“I Told You So” takes aim at our collective vilification of confronting other people after we’ve been proven right.

Like the best episodes, it not only elevates the importance of something oft-ignored, it uses that sense of discovery to challenge the perceptions of what we collectively deem insignificant or unworthy of examination.

Aside from one nationally syndicated exception, panel shows have never reached the saturation here in the States that their British counterparts enjoy.

Months before Leonard Cohen died in early November, the artist’s seminal songwriting work “Hallelujah” formed the basis for an exploration of genius, courtesy of bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell.

Without getting too reductive, Gladwell’s distinction between instantaneous and gradual inspiration forms a careful exploration of how we process works of art, both on a personal and cultural level.

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